Our Experts, our strength

SuCorphit’s wellness programs are backed by a team of qualified doctors and experienced sportspersons. With their expertise and guidance, we deliver high-quality services, ensuring you receive the best support on your path to better health.

Athletic Coach

Our Athletic Coach is a seasoned champion, clinching three National and multiple State medals. With victories in numerous marathons and coaching accolades, including guiding a Guinness World Record holder and a five-time gold medalist in the Netherlands, their expertise propels Sucorphit’s commitment to your fitness triumphs.

Yoga Expert

Our Yoga Expert brings a wealth of knowledge, holding Masters in Yoga and BPED in Physical Education. With expertise in diverse techniques from the prestigious Bihar School of Yoga, they seamlessly integrate their skills as a psychologist, counselor, Zumba instructor, and nutritionist, making them a vital asset in your holistic well-being journey.

Other than above our team comprises  Meditation Experts, Full Body Strength and Core Workout Experts, Psychologists/Counselors, Nutritionist, and Sports Therapies Specialists.